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UPDATE: The 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Afro-American Cultural Center has been postponed due to concerns re: COVID-19.

Please click on image below for updates and information on the Afro-American Cultural Center 50th Anniversary Events.

Contact Info

211 Park Street
New Haven, CT 06511
tele: 203.432.4132

email: afamhouse@yale.edu

Building Hours
Sunday through Thursday: 4-10p 
Friday: 4-8p
Saturday: 1-5p 

Visit Black Church at Yale
10a-12p on Sundays while classes are in session

African Drum & Dance Class & Circle of Healing
Drum & Dance Class on Mondays 6-9p, Saturdays 3:30- 6:30p
Drum Circle on last Sunday of the Month 5-6:30 p
For more information: 203.887.2737

Bias Reporting & Response


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